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Notes on Chapter 12

I spend sometime with chapter 12 this weekend, here are some spelling errors and other suggestions


1 - pg 122 - Spelling error - "Paramter"

2 - pg 127 - Sentance cut off short - "GLSL Mutli TOP using the."

3 - pg 130 - random words, possible paste mistake? "uniform vec3 Resolution and uniform float iGlobalTime" look to be misplaced here.


1 - All example files be saved at 60 fps (currently 30 fps)

2 - All DATs used to hold GLSL code have their language saved as 'glsl' on the Common parameter page so they open with GLSL syntax highlighting in external editors (this is a new 099 feature, and thus would require saving the files in 099)

Thanks, Ben. Will add them to the list and deal with them next week. 😃

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