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Reference Manual - Open Digital Education

Open Digital Education (ODE) Frameworks aims at providing a modular toolkit to design, build and execute applications in education’s field. It embraces paramount concerns and constraints of education’s field like

  • massive deployment

  • deep community interaction

  • high gaps in technology adoption

  • heterogenous application’s type.

It is typically well suited to implement an deploy :

  • VLE [1]

  • LMS [2]

  • Educational Portal

  • Field of studies specific learning application

  • MOOC [3]

ODE Framework is distributed under Open Source LGPL V3 Licence. So we hope it can spread in education’s communities and be helpfull to improve EdTech’s uses.

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About this manual

!! This manual is under active editing !!. We will inform you on Google Group when a first proper version is available

This manual puts forward ODE Framework capabilites. You will find for each of them a brief decription and usage example. To browse deeper inside the framework’s features we also provide links to detailed API documentation. We try to write each section as autonomous as possible. So you can use it as "technical receipes"

If you observe some errors or lacks your comments and contributions are welcomed !

About the community

Go to our confluence space You will find our roadmap, notes about our current works and other usefull resources like technical guides or detailed release notes