Updated 5 months ago



  • an NPM Package
  • for any ReactJS app
  • a library of components for ReactJS
    • so, use <MuiForm /> instead of <form />, and <MuiSelect /> instead of <select />
  • uses Material-UI style guide for each of its components
  • validates your elements
    • accepts custom validations, ofcourse
  • manages your React component's local state
    • so, the "submit", "reset", "loading", "validation failed" buttons and messages will show up automatically based on your form's input elements
      • the reset button resets your form automatically, to the previously saved state
      • the submit button submits the form
        • you set the submit handler function, and onSubmit, the library calls it with a promise - the promise will fail if the form is invalid, and proceed if validation is ok - then you can do your custom action and submit the data to your backend
    • also it manages the status of your form: "invalid", "error", "submitting", "submitAttempted", etc


Everything is customizable,

  • and if it's not, then it will be. ;)
  • This project is still in active development, and could use your help, if you'd like to contribute code or testing!