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If you specify a blank schema name, then the schema name will depend on the type of database being used. MySQL will use test, whereas Derby, Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL will use the username of the JDBC connection pool resource associated with the JDBC resource to which JBatch is configured to use. Take note that this only applies if you explicitly specify the schema name as blank; the schema name will still default to APP if not overwritten.

JBatch (Edit this file)

For MySQL, even when leaving it blank or assigning a schema (i.e. BATCH), when the application calls BatchRuntime.getJobOperator(), the jobOperator.ServicesManager.batchContainerProps HashTable has its entries with values that point to a Derby database.

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Ondrej Mihályi @ondrejm commented 3 years ago

Hi @Ivangonzalez, this looks more like an issue with Payara Server and JBatch, rather than an issue with the documentation. Would you, please, create an issue for Payara Server? (

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