Radare2 Book

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R2 "Book"

Welcome to the Radare2 Book

Authors & Contributors

The radare2 book

Rework by maijin on the original radare book


  • Anton Kochkov
  • aoighost
  • Austin Hartzheim
  • David Tomaschik
  • DZ_ruyk
  • Grigory Rechistov
  • hdznrrd
  • Jeffrey Crowell
  • John
  • Judge Dredd
  • jvoisin
  • Kevin Grandemange
  • muzlightbeer
  • Peter C
  • sghctoma
  • SkUaTeR
  • Thanat0s

The original radare book

Original author and greetings from The radare book : pancake

  • God. aka Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Nibble (ELF32/64 and PE parser+lot of bugfixes and core work)
  • ora8 (w32 port debugger, syscallproxying, hw breakpoints..)
  • nopcode guys (for the cons and
  • Sexy Pandas (let's pwn the plugs!)
  • 48bits (keep up the good work)
  • Gerardo (ideas and tips for the book)
  • pof (for the crackme tutorial and usability tips)
  • Esteve (search engine+some code graph stuff)
  • revenge (OSX debugger+mach0 work)
  • Lia (4teh luf :)