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Suppose you've 3 inventories of a product. Now if anyone book this product from a 02/07/2016 to 04/07/2016 , then this product also be available for the next customers in that dates. Because there are still 2 more inventories available in that particular dates. If the next two customers book this product in same dates, then for the fourth customers that dates will be unavailable.

How does inventory and availability of a product work ? (Edit this file)

If i want to the availability not to e dependent on inventory items. What should i do

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redq @redq commented 4 years ago

Set inventory value 1. Previously it was one by code. Now you can set 2,3,4... based on your sites.

dsvay130 @thecodewalker commented 4 years ago

Could you be mroe specific? So I have three books to rent. How can I make it 3 avaialble in the inventory?

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