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Note that if you choose to use fixtures/ for local testing with Docker for using Docker-in-Docker for simulating multiple clients, make sure to add IP: to the subjectAltName or notaryserver to /etc/hosts, otherwise any Docker operation will result in a invalid certificate error.

Configuring Notary (Edit this file)

I'm seeing error while using this utility signer_1 | ./migrations/ line 63: migrate: not found signer_1 | waiting for postgres://signer@postgresql:5432/notarysigner?sslmode=disable to come up. server_1 | ./migrations/ line 63: migrate: not found server_1 | waiting for postgres://server@postgresql:5432/notaryserver?sslmode=disable to come up.

No description provided.
Rui Marinho @ruimarinho commented 2 years ago

That may have to do with modified source code. I'll try to figure it out.

Rahulkumar Sahotay (TCS) @rahulkumarsahotaytcs commented 2 years ago

Thanks Rui

Rahulkumar Sahotay (TCS) @rahulkumarsahotaytcs commented 2 years ago

Any help on this please

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