How to make an Operating System

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Online book about how to write a computer operating system in C/C++ from scratch.

Introduction (Edit this file)


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Ghost @deleted-104 commented 3 years ago

Would like to ask what is the flow of the book?

Ygor Máximo @maximozsec commented 3 years ago

Hi, Samy! First of all congratulations for you work. A few months ago I translated your e-book to portuguese and I posted on a brazilian IT blog which I am a member of. I'd like to know if you have in mind finishing the book. Here is the link:

Rick Henderson @rickhenderson commented 2 years ago

I just started with GitBook and love what I see so far. I'm glad a young guy like you has taken interest in C/C++ and Assembly!

Ygor Máximo @maximozsec commented 2 years ago

Correcting, the new link for the post of the translated e-book is this:

tharun rajendran @tharun commented a year ago

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