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Once the lucid32 image is ready, we need to define our development environment using a Vagrantfile, create a file named Vagrantfile. This file defines what prerequisites our environment needs: nasm, make, build-essential, grub and qemu.

Setup the development environment (Edit this file)

Can you elaborate steps for windows environments.How and where we create these files

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Teun Blom @teunblom commented 10 months ago

If I am correct you create your "project" folder so to speak anywhere you like. In it you make a file with no extension with these contents,, you name the file "VagrantFile" . Then using your command prompt you navigate into your project folder and then you run the command "vagrant up". This should do the trick, I had one problem though, when I ran this command I was getting errors whilst trying to retrieve some of the sources. In addition I was unsure whether I was supposed to this testing inside a Virtual environment or on my host system.

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