SecondGen Partner Clubs

Updated 2 years ago

SecondGen Partnered Chapter

SecondGen is all about bringing together students with passions and connecting them both with each other and opportunities to develop their passion. We promote entrepreneurship among students and challenge members to think about how they can create their own business from their passion and become their own boss. Because we recognize that our members come from a diverse group of clubs and often participate and dedicate a lot of time to certain clubs, any school club can partner with SecondGen to be a SecondGen Partner Club.

Being a SecondGen Partnered Chapter means that your club members also receive access to the online resources, opportunities, worldwide network, mentorship, and competitions that SecondGen hosts. Clubs do not necessarily have to change their curriculum or their meeting style to fit that of SecondGen. Over the course of the year, members will be notified of upcoming events and encouraged to participate in them to be a part of the SecondGen Community.

We do not require a membership fee as we want to make our resources readily available to students who have the drive and initiative to jump start a project, career or business in their passion.

Becoming a partner club is extremely simple, and a matter of reaching out to a SecondGen Community Leader in your area or a SecondGen Chapter Organizer at your school and having your members fill out a form to stay in the loop on SecondGen affairs. We have provided a detailed guide for becoming a Partner Club in the 'Making Your Club Official' Section, however, feel free to reach out to your local Community Leader or Chapter Organizer -- or to us via social media or our website ( -- with any additional quesitons you have.