Scaffolding for a sustainable P2P humanity

Updated 10 months ago

Scaffolding for a sustainable P2P humanity

As explained in the Manifesto, the purpose of this paper is about leveraging systems thinking to foster a strength-based global peer-to-peer humanity where people are used to identifying, interconnecting, amplifying and refracting successful solutions in order to help humanity become the best it can be in fair, sustainable and free ways.

As has been advocated by the P2P Foundation since a few years, we need a change of paradigm if we're to survive:

  • where a scarcity of ideas is organized for the capitalization of intelligence, we need to grow the intellectual Commons to share working solutions;
  • where industrialization of production is organized with few consideration for people and the environment, we need to relocalize production to better control its environmental impact and re-knit the social fabric of local communities.

Where Systems Thinking has been successfully used mostly in business consideration for tens of years (and at least one governmental situation), it is time to leverage that knowledge and put it to use in service of the whole humanity.

We're walking our own talk in that we know we can't have any definitive answer to all problems.

Therefore, the current stage of this initiative being that of a proposal, we've assembled a group of knowledgeable yet humble people to work together to design the founding principles upon which that best humanity will be able to flourish.

Consequently, this very document is a work in progress AND collaboratively constructed. Ideas proposed herein are just this: proposals, and what's legible at one time may not be in the future anymore, for a consensus toward something else might emerge later.

Let's move from a world of (not so) United Nations to a world of United People.

The short URL for this collaborative work (should you wish to distribute it more widely) is (points here).

Should you want to propose changes to this very document, the GitHub URL is