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給樣本類的參數名字通過映射來讀取,然後作為列的名字。樣本類可以嵌套或者包含複雜的類型如序列或者數組。這個 RDD 可以隱式轉化為一個 SchemaRDD ,然後註冊為一個表。表可以在後續的 sql 語句中使用。

RDDs (Edit this file)

SchemaRDD has been out of date

You can use import sqlContext.implicits._ or import sqlContext.createDataFrame instead of import sqlContext.createSchemaRDD

Bryan Yang @bryanyang0528 commented 3 years ago

Hi @Tarus. Thank you for your feedback. The Spark version was 1.2.1 when we translated this book ... so a lot of parts need be updated.

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