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Movie Details Official Documentation

Hello and welcome to the official documentation of Movie Details. Movie Details is a plugin for WordPress that allows administrators and developers to easily display movie details on their website. The data comes from, a free yet unofficial API connected to, the world's largest movie database. The plugin is highly customizable to encourage developers to make use of the movie data in any possible scenario.


Movie Details is being hosted in WordPress' official plugin repository and thus has its own page. You can either automatically install the plugin through the Dashboard or manually by downloading the raw files. Please see the Installation page for a more detailed description of how to install the plugin.

All Plugin Versions

All versions of Movie Details, including old ones, are available on a private web server.

Version Released Download
Movie Details 1.0.2 yet to be released Direct Download (0 kb)
Movie Details 1.0.1 yet to be released Direct Download (0 kb)
Movie Details 1.0.0 (current) 1 July, 2018 (planned) Direct Download (512 kb)

Download link broken? Please let the developer know.