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Great work on this book

I could not find a way to send a private message, but just wanted to say thanks for this great learning resource.

I tried learning Red on and off in the past but gave up. It was too difficult for me to get the concepts which were quite different from other languages I learned.

But I still want to learn, since in my eyes Red is the future. Truly write-once, run everywhere, and completely fullstack.

The Red roadmap is clear and the vision is clear.

You book is well written and clear.

ungaretti @ungaretti commented 2 years ago

Thank you YC! I am also fascinated by Red for the same reasons as you. I also found that learning resources are scarce and spread over many websites.
Let me know if there is anything you think I could do to improve it, and check the new chapter on parse. I think I finally made some sense of it.

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