#FACFAF. Curtis Mayfield «Black Keys» Open F# guitar tuning

Updated a year ago

#FACFAF. Curtis Mayfield «Black Keys» Open F# Guitar tuning (F#A#C#F#A#F#). Quick reference guide.

Possible reasons to use this tuning

  • You want to think of playing guitar in a different way (and, of course, sound differently).
  • You want to play as fewer strings as possible for a specific chord
  • You like to play chords on piano

The purpose of this book

  1. Lets you try this tuning without counting intervals in your head. Just change the tuning, grab the chord diagrams and try to play some songs with them.
  2. Makes regular switching between tunings easy. Lets you quickly refresh this tuning in memory.

Required level: None.

  • Really, this book is just about a tuning, not the musical theory.
    • You can either just place fingers the right way and explore different chord forms without any idea of what is happening. It will sound interesting, anyways.
    • Or you can think of how chord structure changes in comparison to standard tuning — then all the digits here are for you.
  • When you need something that is not covered here, for example, Cm7(5), you should play Cm7, and flatten its 5th yourself. As well as add9, add11 and other modifiers.

This book may change in time. Check gitbook.com/book/vladimirlogachev/facfaf for updates.

You can print some pages from the PDF version and put them on your wall. Actually, this book is made of pages from my wall.