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Now, we want our character to move around ! To do that, we're going to map the directional arrows from your keyboard to move our player around our game. First of all, create 2 variables for the user's position. A position of a player is based on a grid with 2 values : X (the horizontal position) and Y (the vertical position). Let's also add a speed to it, which we'll use just after to smooth up the mouvement.

Game basics : the world (Edit this file)

Movement :P

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Pete O'Shea @petecoderdojo commented 3 years ago

Where do I add this code?

Pete O'Shea @petecoderdojo commented 3 years ago

Explain that this is setting movement default as step 1 then step 2 etc

Pete O'Shea @petecoderdojo commented 3 years ago

Step two explain that we are setting the values for plater.x and then using this as the starting point for the draw function

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