World After Capital

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The first major claim of this book is that capital is no longer scarce also. We have enough financial capital in the world already to form all the productive capital to meet our needs for housing, clothing, transportation, education and healthcare. At the same time we have yet another set of fundamental technological advances. This time it is a global network connecting all of humanity and artificial intelligence based on powerful general purpose computing. Together these technologies are dramatically accelerating the creation of knowledge.

Scarcity (Edit this file)

Ah! Capital -- insofar as it is needed to satisfy basic needs -- is abundant. I think that's a critical distinction. Plenty of people would like to reasonably start a small business that would generate a return, and struggle to get capital. I know you anticipate all this, I just think it's best to protect the -- terrific -- insights here from the inevitable and solvable charges of rosy simplification.

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