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Along the same lines, I think there is a human responsibility to figure out how to feed ourselves without inflicting mass harm on animals. One answer to that is one of pure self-regulation: stop eating meat and become a vegetarian or even a vegan. Another answer is to continue with progress and figure out how to grow meat in a lab.

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Some links here would be great. Off the top of my head Beyond Meat ( is working on some cool stuff, and this a16z podcast covers the subject as well (

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James Marcroft @jamesmarcroft commented 2 years ago

Oh and Exo is doing some cool stuff too, although I tried their bars and wasn't that into it. and

James Marcroft @jamesmarcroft commented 2 years ago

Also, I know very little about food production but it seems like some really interesting stuff is happening with optimization via machine learning and data science. This article explores "Food Valley" (from a high level w pictures) where a lot of Dutch startups are apparently making great progress.

James Marcroft @jamesmarcroft commented 2 years ago

Just shared a link to Hampton Creek on the Urgency section, but it might be more relevant here. I also like this article because of the way they describe an OS level solution rather than a minor improvement:

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