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Many people contend that there must be some way to preserve privacy. I challenge anyone to create a coherent vision of the future where individuals, not governments or large corporations (such as Apple) control technology and where privacy or confidentiality remain secure. It just can't happen. Any time you leave your house, you are probably being filmed by someone's camera. Every smartphone has a camera these days, and in the future we'll see tiny cameras on tiny drones. Your gait identifies you almost as uniquely as your fingerprint. Your face is probably somewhere on the Internet and your car's license plate is readable by any camera. You leave your DNA almost everywhere you go, and soon individuals will be able to sequence DNA at home for about 100 dollars. Should the government control all of these technologies? Should it level draconian punishments for using these technologies to analyze someone else's presence or movement? And if so how would those penalties be enforced?

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Ironically I feel like this line of questioning makes me think there's a solid argument to even stronger copyright laws. If our digital identity is being tracked by anonymous parties, then shouldn't we have legal right to force these entities to compensate us for using our information without our consent?

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