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Can we fundamentally change our mindsets and emotional attachments? Can we overcome the fears and anxieties that might prevent us from gaining, creating, and sharing knowledge? Can we put down our phones when they are designed to keep drawing us in with notifications? It seems a monumental task, but humankind is uniquely adaptable. We have experienced social, economic, and technological transitions of a similar magnitude. At one time it was inconceivable that humans could part with the close-knit relationships and natural rhythms of rural life to live in vast, impersonal cities and work in mechanized factories. [Find some great quotes from that time] Yet we did make the leap, overcoming our fears and embracing a range of modern practices, beliefs, and assumptions.

Psychological Freedom (Edit this file)

It's obvious we are on different barricades in this cultural war, but I'm asking seriously and not rhetorically: did we pay a price in this process of leaving the rural (or an uncrowded) landscape and joining an urban and over-populated environment? Could japonese herbivore men be Calhoun's rats? Does the modern lifestyle increase the incidence of male homosexuality and lead to a "behavioral sink" (just like in Calhoun's experiment)? Are you aware of any white, western population with a fertility rate above replacement level?

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