Editor Release Notes

This document lists releases for the GitBook Editor. We recommend always using the latest stable version for the best experience. Alpha and Beta versions are work in progress and are considered unstable. They should be used with caution to experiment upcoming features.


17 March 2017Download
- Fixed issue when parsing malformed URI encoded links. - Fixed "Could not load your book" errors caused by bad parsing of README.md


10 March 2017Download
- Fix conflicts view, that was preventing from syncing or publishing - Fix parsing of empty code blocks


09 March 2017Download
- Fix `book.json` errors for Summary written in Asciidoc - Reduce likeliness of book loading errors due to invalid Summary.


07 March 2017Download
- Fix issues with parsing links containing spaces


02 March 2017Download
- Fix error with markdown and links/images containing whitespaces in the url


27 February 2017Download
- Fix parsing of links and images containing parenthesis (markdown)


22 February 2017Download
- Fix JS error when installing or uninstalling the application on Windows - Fix removing maths - Insert a link insert the title of the article instead of the file path - Command+W closes current window - Auto-download updates in the background - Don't check for updates when no internet access


18 February 2017Download
- Fix copy/pasting - Improve UX of desktop dashboard


18 February 2017Download
- Fix opening deep articles in summary - Fix error alert displayed after a few hours of use - Hide "Show Tab Bar" menu action on OS X


17 February 2017Download


17 February 2017Download
- New and sleeker design! - Lot of improvements for a simplified and more efficient UI - Editing lists got easier and more natural - Improved branches listing - Opening a remote branch is now possible - Created branches now keep pending changes - Typing backticks correctly insert inline code - Fixed several issues with frontmatters - Fixed issue that would corrupt renamed files - Coming soon: Change Requests !


27 January 2017Download
- Allow editing files even if the book.json contains errors - Fix preview error for documents containing HTML - Fix display of line breaks in preview - Fix preview displaying metadata by mistake - Fix metadata being added unvoluntarily, because of horizontal rules at start of documents - Fix code block syntax selection on desktop - Fix save shortcut that would warn that file being edited has changed


24 January 2017Download
- Now prompts to restore previous session if any unsaved changes were left the last time the Editor was closed. - Smarter automatic naming of files. - Add support for task lists in preview - Clearer table controls - Better default shortcuts for non QWERTY layouts - Added reset button in settings - Fixed toggling off a code block - Fixed parsing of start indentation in code blocks. - Fixed occasional crash when opening the application for the first time - Fixed drag and drop of summary parts.


11 January 2017Download
- Added compatibility with repositories containing submodules - Fixed publishing for books hosted on GitHub


09 January 2017Download
- Now warns before opening large files, or unknown files - Fix Raw mode editing on Firefox


31 December 2016Download
- Toolbar now displays header levels 4 - 6 - Type `[x]` in a list to create a task list - Minor fixes and improvements


22 December 2016Download
- Fix for critical error when pressing Enter to exit a list


22 December 2016Download
- Enable spellcheck in Raw mode - Added keyboard shortcut for Math - Added electric formatting for maths, bold, italic, striked ($$…$$, **…**, _…_, ~~…~~) - Fix code blocks that could not be deleted - Fix font size not updated in Raw mode - Fix critical error when configuring plugins


21 December 2016Download
- Fix text selection in preview - Fix editing in Raw mode for Safari


21 December 2016Download
- Fixed multilines markup actions in Raw mode (code fences, etc.) - Added syntax highlighting support for more languages


19 December 2016Download
- Support editing task lists (not yet supported in the output) - Fix undo/redo in Raw mode - Errors during synchronization are now displayed


16 December 2016Download
- Fix indenting list items - Fix lists markdown output


15 December 2016Download
- Fix "Shift+Tab" in raw mode and code blocks - Fix syntax highlighting which was disabled by default - Minor tweaks


11 December 2016Download
- Fix error with maths being displayed in raw mode editor - Fix parsing errors for maths and inline codes


09 December 2016Download
- Can now indent using Tab in Raw mode - Fixed publishing new branches - Fixed files tree not loading properly in some cases - Fixed numbered list button


08 December 2016Download
- Fixed pasting - Fixed short for inserting images - Fixed the editing of lists containing links, images etc. - Modified list editing to not create paragraph lists by default


06 December 2016Download
- Fix sidebar button to "Add an article" - Fix critical errors when saving file with math formulas


05 December 2016Download
- Enable syntax highlighting for Asciidoc raw mode - Fix tables not rendering correctly - Fix wrapping an image into a link - Fix typing text after and before links


02 December 2016Download
- Fix "The git manager process has crashed" for non-recent mac - Fix bug in markdown when saving file containing a table - Fix critical error when pressing Escape or Enter in the heading popover - Fix bug making it impossible to left click on the "Table of Contents" sidebar - Shift + Enter now inserts a soft newline in paragraph


30 November 2016Download
Editing was reworked completely! This should remove a lot of bugs from the previous version (6.2.1). Fixes - Copy/paste should work a lot better now, including the ability to copy from the Web - Fixed text disappearing randomly because of syntax highlighting - A lot of other editing bugs should be gone - Allow copy/paste inside the Login window Features - Basic synchronization with local files and git repository! Saved changes in the Editor will be reflected on your filesystem, and changes on your filesystem will be detected by the Editor. - Table columns alignment can be edited in Document Mode Visual - New app icon - New visual style


01 August 2016Download
Important: Syntax highlighting is causing edition issues, we are working on fixing it (in the mid time, you can disable it from the settings) - Fix upload of directories on Windows - Fix some markdown parsing issue - Add menu entry to reset git credentials for the book - Start fixing the pasting of plain text - Improve stability of conflict editor - Fix clicking on a link in the preview - Add syntax highlighting for Java


21 July 2016Download
- Attempt to fix reveal in Folder for Win 10 - Support <sup> tag in preview - Fix merge branches with conflicts - Add context menu action to learn spelling


20 July 2016Download
- Improve performance for highlighting in raw editor - Improve font for raw editor on Windows and Linux - Improve highlighting for Asciidoc in raw mode - Correctly update files on disk after switching branch and commiting - Fix some sync error when repository only contains one commit - Fix error with files containing Windows newlines - Add more code highlighting: Python / Ruby - Fix edge cases when opening an article with no file


18 July 2016Download
- Files Tree is back! - Fix stuck loading when file doesn't exist - Fix click on paths in link/image popup


15 July 2016Download
- Add keyboard shortcut to open files dialog - Add keyboard shortcut to insert an image - Add keyboard shortcut to toggle preview - Fix important issue with cursor when editing raw markdown - Add highlighting for markdown in raw mode (let us know if performance are not good) - Highlighting for code block and raw mode is a settinga that can be disabled - Fix some invalid state of code highlighting - Fix rendering issue for tables in preview


13 July 2016Download
- Fix important cursor and selection issues - Add settings to define indent for code blocks and raw mode - Fix "Alt-Backspace" on Mac


12 July 2016Download
- History bar is now displayed in raw mode - You can change font size of the editor from the settings - Fix pressing enter in a dialog - Fix some menu actions - Fix editing the remote url - Fix context menu


12 July 2016Download
- Fix parsing errors - Add Preview toggle - Fix focus issues when writing in dialogs - “Add article” button for convenience - Fix unwanted newlines insertion - ​Tab / ​Shift-Tab shortcut to indents lists


11 July 2016Download
New major version of the editor featuring a new WYSIWYG UX


30 March 2016Download
- Fix drag and drop in files tree


11 March 2016Download
- Fix login when user has no email


10 March 2016Download
- Conflict resolution: Conflicts list is now scrollable, with some other minor fixes. - Improved visibility for code markup - Images using absolute path now display correctly - Merging on current branch correctly updates the editor


05 March 2016Download
- Fix random errors with multilingual books - Fix creation of new books


03 March 2016Download
- Fix opening of files with spaces - Improve overall reliability of editor


02 March 2016Download
- Released as stable


06 December 2015Download
- Update to latest GitBook/Markdown parser - Fix potential bug with code highlighting in preview


18 November 2015Download
- Prevent crash when pasting content from Microsoft Word


13 November 2015Download
- Fix configuration of plugins - Improve search in Plugins Store - Small design tweaks


09 November 2015Download
- New plugins store - Easily paste image on Desktop and Google Chrome - Fix context menu on Firefox - Fix bold text on Windows


22 October 2015Download
- Fix layout bugs - Design improvements


15 October 2015Download
- Highlight templating syntax - Improvements for proofreading and spellchecking


06 October 2015Download
- Fix syntax highlighting - Stop displaying proofreading results in code blocks


01 October 2015Download
- Fix auto-updater bug introduced by 4.1.1


01 October 2015Download
- Fix files being removed when moving summary entries - Change default keyboard shortcuts to follow standards (Google Docs, etc)


01 October 2015Download
- Bug fixes - Fix upload on desktop - Automatically preserve editor layout - Keyboard shortcuts customization - Sanitize editor preview - Future updates will show you the changelog - Highlight math in editor


10 September 2015Download
- Fix code blocks in preview


10 September 2015Download
- Fix changing library path - Fix editor layout when window is resized - Fix `pre` tags in preview


05 September 2015Download
- Fix math support - Improved stability - Fix opening of large images


01 September 2015Download
- Indicator when updating - Fix error for git repository without commits - Highlight active entries in summary and files tree


31 August 2015Download
- New Windows installer - Auto-update for Windows
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